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Acupuncture- after a detailed intake is completed, and other chinese medical exam techniques are employed, fine needles are carefully inserted at points along pathways on the surface of the body known as "meridians". The needles are inserted to a depth anywhere between 2 millimeters and 1 inch, depending on location of the point and therapeutic purpose. The needles are retained in place for an average of 15-25 minutes. Most needle insertions are painless, yet some insertions may involve a very brief pinching, tugging, or mild electric sensation that sometimes refers to other adjacent locations. Any discomfort usually passes quickly and most people experience deep relaxation while the needles are in place.


Dietetic and Nutritional Counseling- Foods have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years for therapeutic purposes. Most acupuncturists are trained in guiding their patients toward or away from certain foods and drinks to work in conjunction with the actions and affects of the in office acupuncture treatment, to help enhance and speed up the process of healing and rebalancing the body.


Tuina massage therapy- one of the 4 branches of Chinese medicine, is employed in some cases, in addition to acupuncture, to further enhance and strengthen the affect of the treatment. The same acupuncture points and meridians are strategically incorporated in the massage work. This style of massage is often described as a combination of shiatsu and swedish massage therapy.


Herbal Medicine- Like acupuncture, herbal medicine has a long clinical history dating back thousands of years. There are about 450 commonly used substances, mostly plant based, some animal and mineral based, used in combination for therapeutic purposes. Like with dietetics, your practitioner may prescribe an herbal formula that supports the in office acupuncture treatment with the same actions and effects as the treatments based on a careful diagnostic process.

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